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Meet The Artist

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Duncan Way

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Realism Pencil Artist & Owner

Duncan Way is a Canadian artist residing in Central Ontario, Canada. He specializes in graphite and coloured pencil realism work.


Duncan is influenced by illustrative artists like Norman Rockwell, Gil Elvgren, Dick Kramer and Chip Foose.

Duncan is a police officer  assigned as a full time Forensic Artist.  He has a fondness for classic cars, boating, travel and dogs.  His illustrative work is most often tied to these themes but his enjoyment of nostalgia and sports occasionally yield some work as well.

Duncan finds beauty in the commonplace and the celebration of mediocrity is a theme he enjoys exploring.

Art of Duncan is a means for Duncan to get his work to the public. He is available for commissioned work including and corporate illustrations. His original pieces and prints are available through the store or by contacting Duncan directly. 


Please enjoy his artwork.  

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